My favorite toys (that of course work on development)

My favorite toys (that of course work on development)


Every year parents ask me what would be a good toy for their child. Its hard to make suggestions because each child likes different things. One year I bought my kids balance boards. They never touched them. 

And if your child has any special needs issue that could impact how they access the toy - that makes finding the just right toy even more difficult. 

But I thought I'd make a list of the toys I have used repeatedly with my own kids and those I work with. 

I am listing Amazon links only to show you what the product is and looks like. Many of these can be found in a variety of in person and online stores. 

1. Giant Bubble wand (Gross Motor/Sensory):

2. Spot it (visual Motor):

3. Skip Bo (visual motor and executive function):

4.  Parquetry Games (Visual Motor):

5. Globby the fabulous fidget (sensory):

6. Squiggle Wiggle pen (Fine motor and sensory:  

The wiggle pen is a HIT every time with every kid EXCEPT the ones who have tactile issues. Often the tactile issue is hard to pick up until I get to witness their response to this vibrating pen. 

7. Paddle ball with string and cup (Fine and Visual Motor):

And its a good tool for working on coping skills because its hard

8. Color and Shape Puzzle (Fine and Visual Motor and Executive function):

9. Gone Fishin' (Fine and Visual Motor):

10. Simon (Gross Motor/Visual Motor and Executive Function):   The Bugs and Buttons app has an easier version of Simon. Both can be frustrating. 

11. Operation (Fine Motor and Gross Motor):

12. Perfection (Fine and Visual Motor):

13: Ring-A-Ding-Ding (Gross, Fine, and Sensory Motor and Executive Function):

Favorite apps for preschool-1st graders: 

The Bugs and Buttons and Bugs and Bubbles Series.

Favorite website to look for toys: Fat Brain Toys

I also go to discount stores and buy books with mazes and hidden pictures. These are always a win. 

I hope you find something you like, 





**Please note affiliate links were used in this post and could result in a small commission. 

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