About Us

Hi, I’m Kristi
For over 20 years, I’ve worked in school settings as a board-certified and registered occupational therapist. It’s my mission to empower children (and guardians!) with easy strategies that boost confidence and independence at school and beyond. My intuitive, value-packed activities deliver lessons that set your child up to thrive – and they’re so fun, it doesn’t even feel like learning!
Foundational skills – which include gross motor, fine motor, visual motor and sensory motor skills – are vital to every child’s success, both academically and socially. But when it comes to busy kids and busier families (not to mention the impact of a global pandemic . . .), it’s all too easy for gaps to form. I ensure your child won’t fall behind in their new fast-paced environment by meeting them where they are and expanding their horizons – without any overwhelm. 
I’m a member of the American Occupational Therapist Association. And I’ve spent years studying the evaluation and treatment of visual-related learning issues, sensory processing disorders, executive function concerns, and behavior management. I’ve also been awarded grants to build sensory rooms in  elementary schools / intermediate schools. But my greatest accomplishments will always be watching my students’ self-esteem flourish and giving their parents some well-deserved peace of mind. No more stressing and guessing – with my tools and activities, you’ll know exactly how to prepare your early learners for school (and a bright future). 
And Occupational Therapist isn’t the only title I’m honored to hold. I’m also a busy mom of two! I know how hard it is to come up with engaging (and budget-conscious!) ways to help your child explore their world . . . especially when it feels like you’re on your own. But there’s a reason they say it takes a village to raise a child. I’m grateful for everyone that’s shaped my kids’ lives, in big ways and small, and now I’m paying that forward to other families. 
Feeling secure at school can be easier than 1, 2, 3! And I’ll show you exactly how. www.schoolreadyskills.com