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Write the Numbers: A Writing Practice Workbook

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Often the 5 is reversed or the 3 looks like and E. 9 can look like a P and 6 can sometimes be upside down. 2 is just plain weird and makes no sense. Numbers aren’t always easy.


Learning to Write the Number is a taught skill, just like letters. Only requires 10 minutes a day max of practice is needed. That’s it. Kids need to know where to start their numbers, where to stop them, and easy ways to form them. This is not something they can pick up by looking a worksheet or a sample. Spending a few minutes to show your child how to make the letters and a few minutes to let them practice is how writing becomes so easy they don’t even have to think about it. That’s what a solid writing foundation looks like.

Ages:  5 and up

Write the Numbers: A Writing Practice Workbook is 20 pages and provides endless practice. This activity comes with an instruction guide that offers several ideas to make the practice fun and not feel like learning.

Grab this activity if you want your child to build…

  • Fine Motor skills: knowing how to write in a given space and how to form numbers and improves legibility and precision
  • Eye-hand Coordination: this is knowing where to place the pencil and visually guide your hand to write
  • Gross Motor skill: Writing requires good trunk control and the ability to sit upright for a period of time
  • Sensory Motor skills: this is knowing how much to bear down on the pencil
  • Visual Motor skills: understanding the cues on the page that guide on start and stop places as well as recalling the “how to” of number formation


This is a digital download that can be printed and used as many times as needed. This activity will help your child develop fine motor, visual motor, gross motor, sensory motor, and eye hand coordination skills. Handwriting requires a lot of systems to be online and is the core skill needed for school. Studies show something like 78% of the school day is spent writing.

    Write the Numbers: A Writing Practice Workbook
    Write the Numbers: A Writing Practice Workbook
    Write the Numbers: A Writing Practice Workbook
    Write the Numbers: A Writing Practice Workbook


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