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Eye Strong: A Visual Tracking and Sequencing Activity

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Sometimes children can appear distracted or have trouble focusing on a page. They might also struggle with reading or writing within a given space. Often these issues are related to poor binocular vision (eye teaming) and eye tracking but are easily mistaken for something else. Or maybe learning alphabet in the correct order and knowing the names of those letters to match the sequence or counting past 5 is a struggle. Its like these letters or numbers just won’t stick.


The Eye Strong Activity builds these skills through lots of fun practice that feels like a game. Teaming is using the eyes together in a coordinated manner. Tracking is moving the eyes smoothly from place to place. Learning the sequence is building visual memory skills. This comes in handy when writing and having to recall the letters or numbers from memory. All those important skills are a focus with this activity. Instructions with several ideas is included.

Ages 5 and up (must know some letters and number)


84 pages of letters and numbers that come with various backgrounds to help even those kids who needs visual contrast and to remove visual strain. The color contrast includes; black letters on white background, white letters on black background, black letters on yellow background, white letters on green background, black letters on white background, black on yellow background, and white letters on blue background. Size of letters range from  3 “to 1” and come in square and circle to make a variety of patterns.

Grab this activity if you want your child to build…

  • Scanning/tracking skills: This activity can be done vertically or horizontally (vertically is easier)
  • Eye Teaming: requires using the eyes together in a coordinated manner to read the letters.
  • Visual Accommodation skills: moving eyes to look from far away to close up
  • Visual Memory skills: adding the motor component included in this game help build the memorization of the letter and number and can build pairing the capital to lower case.
  • Sequencing: knowing the correct order of letters and numbers. Also helps build visual memory skills
  • Understanding patterns/Visual discrimination: An example of pattern used in schools is an AB pattern. This can be something simple like putting 2 different colored dots in a sequence. Red, blue, red, blue, red, ?. Patterns like these builds cause and effect and visual discrimination skills. Seeing subtle patterns help children learn and are present in math at older grades.


This is a digital download that can be printed and used as many times as needed. This activity will help your child develop eye tracking, eye teaming, visual accommodation skills, visual discrimination, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, sequencing, and visual memory skills.

Materials needed:

  • Color printer
  • Poster board
  • Laminated (not necessary but makes it last longer)
  • Velcro 

Wondering if your child might have teaming, tracking or focus issues? The best person to help you know is a developmental Optometrist. You can find one that looks at vision learning in addition to acuity at

    Eye Strong: A Visual Tracking and Sequencing Activity
    Eye Strong: A Visual Tracking and Sequencing Activity
    Eye Strong: A Visual Tracking and Sequencing Activity
    Eye Strong: A Visual Tracking and Sequencing Activity
    Eye Strong: A Visual Tracking and Sequencing Activity


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