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Sensory Motor Home Activities

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What's included:

  • 25 Funtivities that taps into sensory system through various types of play.
  • All activities are budget friendly using items already in your house. 
  • Tips and tricks included on ways to change up the activities or adjust them if your child might be hesitant. 

What is sensory processing?

Sensory processing is how our brain makes sense of information from our senses like touch, sight, and smell to understand the world.

And this activity book taps into all those senses.

For ages 4-8

Comes as a digital download that can be printed or viewed on any device. 

    Sensory Motor Home Activities
    Sensory Motor Home Activities


    How are Products Delivered

    All products are digital downloads, delivered within minutes and are printables.

    What is included with each purchase

    • Instructions on how to use and tips and tricks to increase learning opportunity.
    • Playbooks and Checklist include helping guides that go into more detail on the activity.
    • Products are delivered in PDF format. This means playbooks, checklist, and digital downloads can be read on eReaders, phones, tablets, and computers.