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Printable Puzzles: A Visual Motor Activity

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Maybe your child struggles to work an activity to the finish. They might easily get distracted by something else. They look at a puzzle and say, “that’s too hard”. Or you want a way to teach them problem solving skills but not sure how. That’s where Printable Puzzles: A Visual Motor Activity can help.


Whether a peg puzzle, shape sorter or the more complex jigsaw puzzle the visual motor and perceptual skills that comes with learning how to fit puzzle pieces together is priceless. Puzzles ask your child to use visual perceptual skills to imagine what pieces might go together. To fit together items that look like they match. This addresses problem solving skills as well.

Ages: 4 and up

Comes in three stages of difficulty: 5 pieces, 9 pieces, and 15 pieces and three colorful designs. An instruction guide is included with several ideas.

A digital version of this activity is also provided. This requires using Google Slides and the child’s ability to use a touch screen, mouse, or trackpad.

Grab this activity if you want your child to build…

  • Visual Perceptual Skills: This is how a child makes sense and interprets what they see.
  • Visual Discrimination: The skill of telling the difference between various pieces and if using the image as a guide, finding those pieces in the mix of puzzle pieces.
  • Eye-hand coordination: This is the ability to reach for the piece they want
  • Fine Motor skills: This happens when they put the puzzle together
  • Visual Attention/ scanning: to look at all the options and take in the information
  • Problem solving: look at each piece and rule out those that don’t match


  • Color printer
  • Cardstock paper

 This is a digital download that can be printed and used as many times as needed. This activity will help your child develop visual perceptual skills, visual discrimination, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving skills and visual attention and scanning.


    Printable Puzzles: A Visual Motor Activity
    Printable Puzzles: A Visual Motor Activity
    Printable Puzzles: A Visual Motor Activity
    Printable Puzzles: A Visual Motor Activity


    How are Products Delivered

    All products are digital downloads, delivered within minutes and are printables.

    What is included with each purchase

    • Instructions on how to use and tips and tricks to increase learning opportunity.
    • Playbooks and Checklist include helping guides that go into more detail on the activity.
    • Products are delivered in PDF format. This means playbooks, checklist, and digital downloads can be read on eReaders, phones, tablets, and computers.